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The Best Outdoor Sensory Activities for Summer

Posted by Vanessa Caalim on

The Best Outdoor Sensory Activities for Summer

Your Summer Guide to Outdoor Sensory Fun

Summertime is all about the outdoors. But not every kid with sensory challenges wants to jump into long lines or crowded spaces. For this reason, the water park or local pool might not be at the top of your list. Luckily, there are still some great options for sensory kids!

What if you could get the benefits of outdoor play without the hassle? Our Summer sensory activity list is all about taking advantage of the outdoors without risking more meltdowns. With the following activities, your child can enjoy sensory feedback from natural sounds, sights, textures, and smells while avoiding situations that make them uneasy. 


Fun Summer Activities to Explore Outside

Taking the fun outside has always been a parent favorite. For one thing, you get to keep the mess outdoors where it belongs! More importantly, outdoor activities—especially in the Summer—are the stuff memories are made of. Whether swimming or swinging, a child never forgets the magic and excitement of a free, fun-filled Summer. 

It can be easy to get bored around the house, especially when you spent so much of the previous year indoors. In honor of getting out and getting back to nature, here are some outdoor sensory activities for the Summer season. 


1. An Obstacle Course


Setting up an obstacle course can be fun for both kids and parents! Whether you want to do a straight line course or a circle course, you’ll want to be sure and grab all your favorite sensory objects like crash mats, balance beams, and hula hoops. To up the ante, you can hold a race and use a timer to determine the winner.


2. Swimming


A true summertime classic, swimming is the ultimate solution for beating the heat. Check out our Inflatable Water Park for an exciting twist on the standard swimming pool. Water offers sensory integration, and our Water Park is so much more than just a splash station. It offers swimming, sliding, and climbing without all the stress of crowds and noise.


3. Biking


Biking, also known as cycling, is one of the best ways to get your kids active and enjoying! This outdoor activity helps in postural balance and coordination, development of strong bones & joints, as well as boosting muscle flexibility and strength. Moreover, physical activities such as these play a big role in reducing stress and anxiety that helps with self-regulation. 


4. Swinging 


A  Mesh Sensory Swing is the perfect outdoor relaxation technique. Kids with sensory issues will love the calm, cradling, soothing sensations brought about by this durable outdoor swing. There are several different types of activities your child can enjoy! Check out these videos to learn about the Superhero Position, The Spinner, and Firecracker Activity!

You can also use this as a hammock if your child is more in the mood for a get-away than a period of play. A hammock’s reassuring cradle design is the perfect space to rock, swing, and improve body balance while taking some alone time.


5. Play Ball



Nothing beats a good old-fashioned game of ball! Whether you decide to juggle, toss a ball around, or throw a frisbee, you’ll be helping your child with hand-eye coordination, balance, and eye-foot coordination. You’ll also help them spend some nervous energy, get essential exercise, and benefit from a good night’s sleep after all that play.


6. The Spinner


A spinner like our Sensory Flying Object is a wonderful option for a sensory kid looking to boost comfort, confidence, and a chance to organize input on their own terms. The Sensory Flying Object is outdoor-friendly, easily transported, and perfect for kids of all ages because it holds up to 300 lbs!


Sensory Summer Solutions: Conclusion

For a kid, Summer is a legendary season. Warm weather and freedom are the stuff of epic memories and magical adventures. Just because your child has sensory challenges doesn’t mean they can’t find joy and satisfaction in the Summer months.

Remember—you don’t need a lot of room to enjoy outdoor activities. You can create an enjoyable space in the front yard, at your local park, or in the great  outdoors. Above all else, your child will cherish time spent with loved ones and knowing Mom or Dad created something fun and memorable, just for them.