Mesh Sensory Swing
Mesh Sensory Swing
Mesh Sensory Swing
Mesh Sensory Swing Mesh Sensory Swing Mesh Sensory Swing
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Mesh Sensory Swing

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Mesh Swing
The mesh sensory swing is designed for energetic "sensory seeking" kids as well as more easily overwhelmed "sensory avoiders" - and proven to bring more calm to your household after the first day of use.

Includes two heavy-duty hanging ropes to help you install within minutes and holds up to 200lbs.
The Sensory Mesh Swing sways, cradles, and soothes stress, excess energy, and tantrums in no time.

A Sensory Swing helps anxious kids because it trains their brain to cope in a way that feels safe and secure. They might be swaying and swinging, but it’s in a controlled manner, promoting a sense of comfort and calm. The result is boosted confidence and a relaxed state of mind.
Why mesh?
Mesh material allows the swing to stay lightweight while being strong. It also allows your child to have an open view from inside the swing to see their surroundings.

How can I set this swing up?
The swing includes two hanging ropes to hang over a horizontal beam. You can also check out our optional swing hanging accessories.

What ages can use this swing?
This swing is perfect for all ages and can hold up to 220lbs.

What activities can I use this swing for?
We partnered with therapists McCrory Pediatrics to develop a swing mini course! This is included with your swing purchase.

Quick Setup

Perfect For All Ages

Indoor/ Outdoor Use


More fun, less meltdowns

Deep pressure therapy and vestibular input helps balance your child's senses. This helps them better process the world around them and has been shown to reduce sensory meltdowns.

Focus through movement

The movement of a swing allows your child to channel their energy somewhere, making it easier to focus on homework, reading, and more!

No more meds, scolding, or wrestling your kid to get them to sit down and pay attention.