Chewy Cloth Necklace

A Stylish Way to Self Regulate

With so many styles to choose from, there is a Chewy Cloth Necklace for every child! You’ll love how safe, soft, and socially appropriate these wearable sensory solutions are. Mix and match to get the perfect style every day of the week. Say goodbye to soggy t-shirt collars and say hello to a solution everyone can be proud of!

Keep Fidgeting and Chewing Under Control

If your child has the impulse to chew, pick, and fidget, a Chewy Cloth Necklace is the perfect solution. Worn around the neck, this item is always on-hand when the oral sensory urge strikes. Put an end to chomping on sleeves, necklines, and shirt collars with this soft, safe alternative.

Oral Motor Input Has Never Been So Fun

Kids love the Chewy Cloth Necklace because it allows them to quickly access oral motor input while keeping their clothes nice and dry. When your child craves oral stimulation, this is an ideal solution that also helps with anxiety, nervous energy, and self-regulation. Double the Chewy Necklace to make a smart and stylish sensory bracelet!

Our Chewy Cloth Necklace was designed with your sensory child in mind. Whether your child has Autism, ADHD, or SPD, they will love this stylish chew necklace that helps them seek stimulation without harming their teeth or clothes. For oral sensory seekers, Chewy Cloth Necklace is an item that come in handy every
single day!

Top Benefits

✔️Put an end to shirt neckline chewing
✔️Help your child resist chewing on dangerous objects
✔️Provide oral sensory stimulation
✔️Improves self-regulation and anxiety
✔️Safe and stylish!