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Mesh Sensory Swing Promo

Support your child’s emotional well-being with a sensory swing that lets them spin, stretch out, and relax when they need a stress-relieving break.

Just like us, our children can feel overwhelmed, stressed out, and angry when the world seems a bit much. And if you have children who struggle with sensory issues, ADHD, or just high emotions, they need their own space to relax, refocus, and find balance.

That’s why we developed the Sensory Scout Mesh Swing, that stimulates their skin, body, and mind as they lay down, sit to read, or even stand up off the ground. A great way to unwind after a tough day, get them calm and relaxed before bed, or just enjoy some “me time”, it’s the perfect sensory experience for kids of all ages.

Our swing measures 2400 x 800 x 10 mm/94.5 x 31.5 x 0.4 in