No-Tie Shoelace

Get a unique “shoe-lution” to self-care challenges. Our No-Tie Shoelace turns sneakers into slip-ons and makes getting ready easier, faster, and less stressful.

Reduce Stress and Frustration

Everyday tasks, like brushing teeth or tying shoes, can be a struggle for SPD kiddos. That’s why our No-Tie Shoelace is designed to eliminate stress and “defeet” frustration by removing the need for shoe tying.

Children will feel empowered as they dress themselves without your help and without any meltdowns or do-overs. Give them confidence from head
to toe while saving time, sparing energy, and starting your day off on the right foot!

Practical, Efficient, and Simple to Use

Many children have trouble tying their shoelaces, but children with sensory processing disorders may experience compromised dexterity or a dislike of touch that makes shoelaces especially scary. Our No-Tie Shoelace eliminates their frustration by nixing the knot!

Now kids can easily slip their shoes on and off, getting ready and out the door faster than before. This product easily latches on with an elastic lock and includes bold colors to make feet a little more fabulous. It’s adjustable, durable, and versatile, working with everything from running shoes to soccer cleats.

Keep Your Child Safe

Untied shoes aren’t only a hassle; they’re a hazard. Our No-Tie Shoelace embraces the top of your child’s shoe while locking in the heel, leaving their feet safe, secure, and comfortable.

This product is designed to keep your kiddo’s shoes in place while eliminating accidents. Whether your child is climbing jungle gyms, walking around zoos, or practicing their ninja skills, the No-Tie Shoelace eliminates risk. The only “trip” your child takes is to places like the beach or grandma’s or grandpa’s house.

Top Benefits

✔️Reduce the stress of sneakers by turning shoes into slip-ons and removing the need to unknot and retie in the middle of school or

✔️Empower children to take their shoes on and off without assistance from a grownup, increasing their confidence and boosting their self-

✔️ Keep kids safe by removing tripping hazards and risk of injury - shoes don’t come off and laces don’t come untied!

✔️Improve regulation with a fabric simulated texture that is free of buttons, snaps, knots, and other overwhelming devices.

✔️Decrease the odds of morning meltdowns by making it easier for children to get dressed, get ready, and get out the door.