Fidget Pad Toy

What a treat! Focus fidgeting fingers, and create calm. Our Fidget Pad isn’t magic, but it casts a soothing spell and helps kids harness their energy for greater focus and maximum fun!


Most kids are balls of energy. But kids with ADHD can feel an overabundance of energy that leads to excessive movement and trouble sitting still. While fidgeting sometimes gets a bad rap, focused fidgeting is actually a great way to harness energy to improve concentration and focus. Our Fidget Pad is excellent for kids or adults with ADHD or excessive stress, tension, or energy. It helps by fixing focus and giving fidgety fingers a fun “job”!


✔️ Maximize focus and calm - this toy is fun and functional, encouraging concentration and relieving stress

✔️ Travel-friendly - thanks to the compact design, this pad is an easy accessory for backpacks or purses--it goes everywhere you do

✔️ The ideal gift- kids, teens, and adults all love this colorful, pocket-sized pad for busting boredom, soothing stress, and fine-tuning focus

✔️ Discreet- appropriate in any atmosphere because it’s quiet and compact

✔️ Designed for sensory kids - the shape, design, and function are all optimized to suit sensory kids and individuals with ADHD


The world can feel like a big and scary place. Whether it’s loud noises, busy crowds, or relentless distractions, we can all use an oasis from time to time. With the Fidget Pad, you can pull peace of mind from your pocket whenever you please. This tried-and-true toy is delightful and durable in the waiting room, at a birthday party, or in your own backyard. When anxiety and stress strike, the Sensory Scout Fidget Pad is the solution at your side.


There’s nothing worse than feeling stuck, pressed, or stressed. We designed the Fidget Pad to be discreet and compact so you can take it anywhere anxiety or unease might strike. Whether bored or overly energized, this little pad offers an opportunity to harness focus and engage in intentional fidgeting. Now your child can create a calm space in an instant--and you can go easy on your wallet with a massive discount!