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Cozy Cocoon

Autism, SPD, and ADHD can all leave your child feeling wound up and bristling with energy that desperately needs an outlet. All their senses can get cranked up so high that there's too much to deal with, so it’s no surprise when all those pent-up feelings come crashing and shouting out of them in a torrent that often ends in a meltdown.

It’s a bit like when a storm cloud stores up tension until it finally can’t contain it anymore and it breaks out as lightning. And just like a lightning rod can safely dispose of all that raging energy, so can the Cozy Cocoon for your over-stimulated child.

It may not look like a lightning rod, but it’s just as effective. When your child zips themself in and happily tests the stretchable fabric it may look more like a blue starfish that missed the turn for the beach, but looks can be deceptive—this blue starfish knows all about channeling energy!

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