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EZ Brush: 3 Sided Electric Toothbrush

Start Revolutionizing Your Child's Dental Hygiene!

Brushing is one of the critical skills you need to teach your child. Unfortunately, instilling good oral habits in your child isn’t always easy.

Endless tears, screaming meltdowns, and pure genuine hatred for toothbrushing are just some of the stresses that go along with a child with sensory challenges, autism, ADHD, and ODD.

And the issues don’t even end there…

Think about how much your child’s oral health will suffer from not brushing — agonizing toothaches, nasty bad breath, painful mouth sores, and more! We haven’t even started talking about expensive dental bills yet.

The EZ Brush properly cleans your child’s teeth without the fuss and at half the time it usually takes.

With its strong ultrasonic vibration, you’ll easily remove stubborn plaques and dirt even in hard to reach areas! In just 1 minute, your child’s smile is as clean as it can get.

Finally, you can now end the heart-wrenching tears, toothbrushing meltdowns, and expensive dental bills with the EZ Brush!
Get that sparkling smile every single time without the meltdowns!

Tired of wrestling with your child during tooth brushing time? Is your child’s oral health starting to suffer from not properly brushing?