Cozy Cradle


The Cozy Cradle is a suspended egg-shaped chair that envelops your child in a whole-body hug. It's personal, private, and promotes a sense of calm when the outside world upsets and overwhelms. With its reassuring cradle design and interior cushioning, this chair provides critical compression to small joints and muscles.

Protective and calming, The Cozy Cradle's curvature helps cut maddening noise and distractions while rocking and swinging improve body balance and posture. Designed for both fun and rest, this chair is like a curved cocoon of comfort. It soothes the nervous system so your child can enjoy a book, game, puzzle, or uninterrupted me-time. It's a multi-functional, meltdown managing, super-soothing safe-space like no other!

A Soothing Egg-Shaped Safe Space To Retreat And Relax

The sturdy and stylish Cozy Cradle is the perfect private getaway - a comfy and protective personal space where you child can relax in a gentle, supportive embrace.


Children with sensory needs will love this relaxation destination. The Cozy Cradle provides a gentle squeeze and optimal support. Not only that, it's elevated and sheltered - a safe, secure place to wind down and recharge. Like a sensory squeeze machine, this unique cradle applies deep touch pressure with its gentle but firm interior cushion. It's the ideal spot for your child to find a peaceful, relaxed center by feeling supported and held.


Everyone needs to get away, and special needs children are no exception. Kids with autism and SPD can become overwhelmed and frustrated. When that happens, they need a familiar, comforting space that's all theirs. The Cozy Cradle is private, fun, and features much-needed sensory compression. It's a great place to cool down after a tantrum, get away from the noise, or retreat for some quality time with a favorite stuffed pal. When meltowns strike, this elevated, comfy chair is the perfect place to seek solace and rock gently - it's their very own hanging hug!


✔️ Sensory Support -The best of both worlds - compression to hug and support, and the gentle rock and sway of a therapy swing. An excellent choice for children with autism, SPD, ADHD, or Asperger's Syndrome.

✔️ Manage Meltdowns -Partially-enclosed and totally comfy, this suspended cradle is the perfect place to restore a sense of stability, normalcy, and peace. Like a hanging hug, it makes your child feel protected and calm while restoring a sense of control.

✔️ Gentle Motion -Fun and functional. A source of sensory therapy that helps with overstimulation, postural control, and balance. Your child benefits from the feeling of body-safety with a cuddling, hugging sensation that also allows for a good swing.

✔️ Super Sturdy -Gives your child the support they need to relax, focus, and strengthen sensory experiences. High-quality materials ensure your child's safety as they cuddle up and calm down.