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Ceiling Hanging Kit Instructions


Here's how to get your swing set up using the Ceiling Hanging Kit... (Videos will be coming soon.)

When properly mounted in a wooden beam or concrete ceiling, the hanging kit is rated to hold well over 220 pounds.

However, the Ceiling Hanging Kit is made for use with the Mesh Sensory Swing and should not be used for any other purposeAs with all recreational and therapeutic equipment, adult supervision is REQUIRED at ALL times!

Wooden Beam In The Ceiling Setup

Here's how to set up your swing using the phillips head wood screws. When attaching your hanging kit to a ceiling, you must identify a strong wooden beam in the ceiling that is capable of handling the load of the swing, the kit, the person in the swing and any additional force that the user may place on it. Please ensure you find a suitable beam to attach the bracket to and confirm that all four screws are tightly and securely screwed into the beam. Assemble the rest of the hanging kit, spring, swivel, carabiner as in the image below.

You can now attach your swing's rings to the carabiner at the end of the hanging kit. If you need to hang your swing lower, you can use the included hanging ropes to adjust the height. You can refer to the Sensory Swing Instructional Videos for ways to tie knots and loops in the hanging ropes.

This installation is ideal for forward and backward swinging motions as well as spinning.

Concrete Ceiling Setup (Advanced)

The concrete ceiling setup is similar to the wooden beam setup with the only difference being the installation of the concrete screws. Please read the instructions for installing into a wooden beam (above) before continuing and heed the same warnings and conditions. Note: Your concrete ceiling must be solid concrete and not cinder blocks or other unsuitable material.

This is an advanced setup and requires the ability to drill into the concrete and use the included concrete screws. Sensory Scout recommends consulting a construction professional if you must install into a concrete ceiling.