Sensory Swing Instructional Videos and Frequently Asked Questions


Here's how to get your swing set up using only the included ropes... A horizontal beam or tree branch are necessary. You'll also see how to add a few upgrades to your swing if you'd like to use it differently.

Basic Setup: Using The Swing And Ropes Only

Here's how to set up your swing using only the swing and two included ropes. This works well with a horizontal beam or tree branch.

Ideal for forward and backward swinging motions.


Carabiner Setup: Using The Swing, Ropes, And Two Carabiners

Here's how to set up your swing using the included ropes along with two carabiners (not included with swing purchase) for quick connect and disconnect. This makes it simple to attach your swing to the ropes.

Ideal for forward and backward swinging motions.


One Point Setup: Using The Swing and Rotational Swivel (For Spinning)

Here's how to set up your swing with one hanging point. This is great for 360 degree fun and allows for spinning along with back-and-forth motion.

This is the recommended setup if you have carabiners and a rotational swivel (not included with swing purchase).



When I order a Mesh Sensory Swing what do I get?

You will receive the Mesh Sensory Swing and two (2) hanging ropes. Suitable for hanging over an exposed beam or a tree branch. If you have any issues with the installation videos please contact us.

Do I need to buy the additional items that are offered in the order process?

You may want to order our Premium Ceiling Hanging Kit, Doorway Hanger or Swing Stand if the hanging ropes will not work for you as explained above. Also an eye hook or some carabiners from your local hardware store would be another option for you.

What is your return policy?

You can find our return policy at this link: Shipping and Returns 

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