6 Pieces Magnetic Rings

Let those digits fidget! Magnetic Rings are an easy-to-use and affordable way to relieve anxiety, regulate energy, and improve focus. It’s comfort and calm in the palm of your hands.

Simple, Effective Fidgeting at Your Fingertips

Fussing and squirming don't need to be distracting! Magnetic Rings provide regulation at your fingertips. Children can use these toys to calm nerves, improve concentration, or practice new tricks. It’s fidgeting meets freestyle.

This toy is made for on-the-go comfort and designed for one-handed action. It comes with high- speed hybrid balls for seamless, consistent, uninterrupted spins. Go ahead and go another round!

Top Benefits

✔️ Offers a convenient way to fidget. Carry the toy in a lunchbox, backpack, or pants pocket.

✔️ Allows children to fidget without bringing attention to themselves. Each ring is small and discreet and free of noise or distracting lights.

✔️ Works consistently and effortlessly. Spins may go for several minutes, allowing children to calm and regulate in simple, smooth motions.

✔️ Uses one-handed operation, allowing children to modulate while multitasking.

✔️ Promotes concentration and focus. Enhances performance during school and homework sessions.

Several Benefits in a Tiny Package

Each Magnetic Ring can be used for focus, fun, and fabulous tricks. This tiny tool offers multiple benefits, acting as a calming aid, a concentration enhancer, and a dexterity trainer.

This toy is fast-acting and eases anxiety quickly and efficiently. It's a flexible option that works during rest or school tests. Of course, it's entertaining too. Children can learn multiple tricks to impress their friends and themselves!

One-Handed, Innovative Fidgeting

With upgraded N45 magnets, this fidgeter is attractive to children and parents alike! It’s made with high-quality craftsmanship, surpassing the other fidget spinners on the market. The materials never require maintenance, repair, or messy oiling. They provide a fluid multidirectional spin with little effort and lots of joy.

Magnetic Rings can be taken wherever you go. Put one in your child’s desk, keep a few in the kitchen drawer, and store a handful in your backseat for car trips to Portland, Maine or Portland, Oregon. Wherever you’re headed, these finger fidget toys get two thumbs up!