2 Pieces Stretchy Caterpillar Strings

These bright and cheerful little bugs are go-anywhere stretchy fidget-busters that are great at soaking up your child's anxiety and excess energy.


Anyone can feel the urge to fidget, but it’s not always a bad thing. Studies have shown that fidgeting can improve focus and concentration, but sometimes it's a sign that someone could use a little help.


✔️ Reduces stress and anxiety– busy hands mean less distress
✔️ Tactile fidget fighters – spiky-soft surface, colorful, and stretchy, inviting touch

✔️ Luminous – these 2 bug-friends soak up daylight then glow it all out at night!

✔️ Safe and hygienic – non-toxic TPR rubber, safe and easy to clean

✔️ Enjoyable – fun to twist, stretch and touch, again and again

✔️ Portable and durable – made tough enough to soak up your child’s extra energy

For those with sensory issues, the urge to fidget can be a response to stress and anxiety, and one of the best ways of dealing with it is with a fidget toy that's fun, safe and effective.

That’s why we created Stretchy Caterpillar Strings. Your kid can stretch, squeeze, twist, and stroke them, safely channeling all those fidgety urges into these colorful, durable, happy-looking bugs!


The all-over soft spikes of this cute twosome invite touch and give your fidget-prone child the tactile sensations they need to feel soothed, distracted, less stressed and more focused.
The colors are friendly and the stretchy plastic is just begging to be twisted and pulled out of shape, but don't worry. Every time your child wrestles them these critters snap back, ready for more.

And even after lights-out, they’re still up to the job of calming your kid because they glow in the dark, too!

Maybe they won’t transform into butterflies anytime soon but these two will soon transform your little fidgeter into one happy bunny!