5 Pieces Slingshot with LED
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5 Pieces Slingshot with LED

5 Pieces Slingshot with LED is designed with sensory kids in mind, this sensory toy combines thrilling playtime with captivating visual and tactile experiences. Let their imaginations soar as they discover a world of sensory delight!
✅ Visual Stimulation: The LED lights provide a captivating visual display, promoting visual tracking and focus.

✅ Tactile Experience: The soft and textured materials offer a satisfying tactile sensation, aiding sensory integration.

✅ Sensory Feedback: The tension and release of the slingshot's elastic band provide proprioceptive input, promoting body awareness and coordination.

Quick Setup

Works For All Ages

Indoor/ Outdoor Use

Therapist Trusted

Improve Visual Stimulation

The LED lights incorporated into the Pieces Slingshot create an engaging visual experience. The colorful lights can captivate the eyes and provide visual stimulation, especially in low-light environments. The changing colors and patterns can be visually appealing and add an element of excitement to the slingshot experience.

Tactile Sensation

The Slingshot itself, regardless of the LED lights, provides a tactile experience. Holding the slingshot, pulling back the elastic, and releasing it can engage the sense of touch. The LED lights add an extra dimension to this tactile experience, as the lights are integrated into the slingshot's body, enhancing the overall sensory feedback.