2 pcs Chewable Pencil Topper

Don’t let your child chew just anything. Safe, bright, and fun! Aids focus and reduces anxiety.


"Chewing is a brain power booster."

But it’s true! There have been dozens of studies that looked into the effects of chewing on the brain, and they found that it produces short-term cognitive improvements such as increased alertness, improved selective and sustained attention, faster reaction times and even extra creativity.

This is great news if your child is a chewer by nature.

Pencils Have Got it Tough

We think that pencils deserve a break. Their pointy ends may help your child create spaceship drawings or solve math problems but their stubby ends have to bear the brunt of all that chewing, grinding, and crunching too. That’s why our Chewable Pencil Topper is so great. It’s like a little rubber crash helmet that keeps those ferocious child teeth at bay and saves pencils so they’re free to draw another day!

Oh, and we should probably mention that Chewable Pencil Toppers protect your kid’s precious teeth and gums too. We made them in a range of biteable-looking colorful shapes from 100% food-grade silicon that’s as safe as it is tough.

Long Live Pencils!

All joking aside, we think it’s great that your kid still wants to hold a pencil. Too many children are too busy tapping on screens and that can’t be good for their dexterity. Implements like pencils and paint brushes give much better sensory feedback than an app can. They require control and focus that’s calming in itself, and we think our bargain $2 Chewable Pencil Topper is the cheapest way to make pencils safe, satisfying, and appealing.

Top Benefits

Reduces anxiety - calms kids who need to chew. Offers a safe alternative you can trust.

Boosts focus - multiple studies have shown a link between chewing and short-term cognitive improvements. Chewing helps children (and adults) think!

Different shapes and colors - bright and funky shapes and colors have more sensory appeal than dull wood and graphite.

Tough enough - 100% food-grade silicon for long-lasting effectivenss.