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Cozy Cocoon
Cozy Cocoon
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Cozy Cocoon

Extra Large
The Cozy Cocoon is a stretchy, breathable, full-body sock. It encourages a child’s kinesthetic exploration of balance, coordination and body boundaries so important in early body-image and self-esteem formation.

Its stretchy, translucent fabric creates a seclusive, private domain while your child can still see outside shapes. It’s great for quiet time and those days when the kids just can’t stay out of each other’s space.
Parents love how the Cozy Cocoon helps calm their kid down in the home, and therapists can incorporate it into their treatment!

✔️Relives Stress, Excess Energy: Helps your child quickly and safely exercise every muscle in their body, relieving the pent-up energy that causes meltdowns .

✔️Makes Sensory Development Fun: Gives strong stimulation and development for senses of touch, motion, balance, proprioception… And, makes it fun to play while doing so!​

✔️Deep Calming Pressure: Reduces anxiety, helping to ‘bring down’ your kid to be calm, peaceful, happy, and quiet .
Is this washable?
Yes, simply toss in the wash on cold and dry with tumble air.

Is this breathable?
We designed the Cozy Cocoon to be completely safe and breathable. Meaning your child can cocoon inside and still have plenty of free-flowing air.

What size is right for my child?
See the sizing image on this page to help determine the right sized Cozy Cocoon for your kiddo!

Fun & Effictive


Indoor/ Outdoor Use

Therapist Trusted

Therapeutic Sensory Play

The Cozy Cocoon gives your child a way to get constant sensory input. Whether running around outside in the grass, laying on the floor to read a book, or even taking a nap!

Seekers & Avoiders

The Cozy Cocoon gives energetic sensory seekers a safe way to get needed input. While giving more-easily overwhelmed sensory avoiders a place to feel cradled and safe.