Deluxe Fidget Bundle

A Box Full Of Fun

The Deluxe Fidget Bundle contains 33 high-quality sensory puzzles and toys that will expand creative thinking and will keep your kiddo entertained for hours.

Portable And Can Be Played Anywhere

These fidget toys are just the right size to carry around and put it in your pocket. Play with it at home, in school, and even in the car.

Stress And Anxiety Relief

The Deluxe Fidget Bundle keeps hands quiet and busy. This effectively lessens stress, calms the nerves, and helps increase your child’s focus.

Helps Develop Fine Motor Activities

These toys also work as physical therapy for stiff fingers and hands due to arthritis or fibromyalgia.

Perfect For Kids And Adults

The Deluxe Fidget Bundle works with all kinds of fidgeters. It is perfect for kids and adults with sensory challenges, ADHD, ADD, OCD, high stress, and increased anxiety. 

Items included inside the bundle:

1x Liquid Motion Timer -Works like a lava lamp or a sand timer. It's mesmerizing to watch and helps with visual tracking skills.

1x Rainbow Fidget Ball - This provides fantastic visual and tactile input. It also helps with problem-solving skills and trains your child to stay focused for more extended periods.

1x Snap and Click Snake - A wacky and fun toy that snaps and links together and makes a satisfying clicking sound. It increases focus and attention, perfect for creative play.

2x Squeeze Balls - This squeeze ball is a soothing stress reliever that is also mesmerizing to watch and squishy to touch. It's great for wrist, hand, and finger exercises too.

3x Stretchy Guys - Gooey, sticky, stretchable smiley-faced guys help improve focus and give a sense of calm to kids and adults.

2x Fidget Spinners - A fantastic toy for fidgeters. Use one or both hands to flick and spin for hours. It helps with finger dexterity too.

2x Cube Puzzle Balls - A brain teaser that helps your child focus and to think creatively for hours. It's excellent for improving memory and problem-solving skills too.

3x Stretchy Strings - Stretch, pull, twirl, and more! This fun fidget toy is perfect for sensory and tactile stimulation.

2x Flip Chains - It's a quiet fidget toy that will keep your hands busy for a long time. It helps relieve stress and anxiety no matter where you are.

3x Marble Fidgets - Squeeze, pull, and push the marble inside! It's a simple but effective tool to help children and adults with ADHD, ADD, OCD, high stress, sensory, and increased anxiety levels.

4x Squishy Animals - Cute and cuddly animals that you can squeeze endlessly. It's known to relieve stress and anxiety but can also be used for physical therapy.

8x Slimes - It's super fun and colorful slime that is squishy to touch. It's great for creative play and provides hours of entertainment.