3-in-1 Dental Care Kit

Cover your child’s oral healthcare needs from every angle.

Introducing the perfect toolkit for brighter smiles, fresher breath, and fewer meltdowns. We designed all three tools to soothe the senses while they battle bacteria.


Brushing can flood your sensory child with unwelcome sounds and sensations so THEY want it over with fast.

But it’s super important so YOU want them to take their time.

The 3-in-1 Dental Care Kit gives BOTH OF YOU what you want!


Old-fashioned toothbrushes and tongue scrapers may be fine for most people, but not for children with sensory challenges, autism, ADHD, and ODD.

Scrubbing and scraping are essential but can also be unpleasant, so we designed a great value oral healthcare kit that your child will actually want to use.

The EZ Brush, U-Shape Brush, and Tongue Scraper are the perfect combo because each one of them is gentle, quick, but still effective. Here’s how they

Dentists say we should brush for two minutes, twice a day, but that’s a lifetime to your little one! The three-sided EZ Brush surrounds each tooth and cleans them at 30,000 vibrations a minute, for the perfect clean in just 60 seconds!

On days when even a minute is too much, that’s when they reach for the U- Shape Brush. Like a gumshield with soft bristles, it’s easy to use and tackles every tooth at once, packing the most cleaning into the time you have available!

The bacteria that leads to bad breath never sleeps, so don’t neglect tongues. The Tongue Scraper is a fun-looking lollipop shape. It’s gentle enough to raise a giggle or two, but effective enough to freshen up young tongues and keep them
‘in the pink’.


✔️Great Value Oral Care - 2 choices for fast and effective teeth cleaning and 1
for healthier tongues.
✔️Cleaner Teeth and Better Breath - leaves bacteria nowhere to hide!
✔️Easier Start for Good Habits - both brushes and the scraper are kinder so
children feel calmer, happier, and more willing to try.
✔️Brush The Right Way Every Time - the three-sided and u-shaped designs
surround the teeth, so young brushers won’t struggle to clean every corner.
✔️Take Them Anywhere - portable, easy to clean, built to last.