Fidget Kick Band

  • IMPROVES ATTENTION AND FOCUS giving you the power to use in classrooms from kindergarten through high school for an instant change in environment and a happier more focused class - Today!
  • INSTANT INSTALLATION lets you set the bands up on all your classroom chairs in seconds, without complex assembly, or needing to remove bands in order to stack your chairs back up.
  • SILENT & HEAVY DUTY so you can be glad knowing that these bands are built to withstand frequent kicking, without causing noisy distractions
  • TOP FIDGET FOR ADHD, AUTISM, AND SENSORY makes it so you can provide the most challenging students with sensory input to keep them happy and excited to learn - Like Pro Teachers Do

Turns Foot-Fidgets Into Focused Learners

Helps fidgeters regain concentration, the non-disruptive way.

Slides over chair legs in seconds, quick and easy!

Quiet, portable, simple, and it works!

Fidget Better, Study Better

Some brains need more stimulation than others, and the brains of children with some neurodevelopmental disorders need more than most.

So when your child is studying something that doesn’t give them the stimulation 'fireworks' their senses crave, they ‘manufacture’ their own with fidgeting.

That's why your kid can’t stop kicking their feet in class. If today's study activity isn’t tripping their 'stimulation switches' then they fall back on Plan B—self-stimulation movements, or stimming.

Repetitive kicking might seem like a distracting activity, but don’t try and stop it. We say help it! Kicking their feet can actually promote better focus, which is why we made The Fidget Kick Band.

Make Every School Day Count

On average, your child will spend a thousand hours a year in school, but how many of those learning hours will be lost because of fidgeting? It’s precious time that they can never get back, but now they don’t need to lose another minute to distraction.

The Fidget Kick Band is already one of the cheapest ways to channel the fidgeting associated with Autism, ADHD and SPD into greater focus.

Top Benefits

The Right Tool For The Job - the Fidget Kick Band gives tactile feedback while study uses visual and auditory pathways. So busy feet provide stimulation that doesn't hurt learning.

Education booster- knowledge is such a gift, and the Fidget Kick Band helps break down one of your child’s biggest barriers to education. So fidgeting becomes productive!

Non-disruptive - some focus aids are too noisy for the classroom, but this one is practically silent. Kids can kick it and stretch it, but their fellow students will hardly notice.

Built to last -it’s the strong and silent type, made from durable heavy-duty elastic that will funnel the fidgeting into something that helps, today, tomorrow, and every day!