2 pcs Food Plate Separator

 Your child is going to love this one. They know for a fact that the food items on their plate should never be touching, but not every parent gets it. Still, it’s a good thing that you do! You understand exactly how carrots touching corn, or turkey touching mashed potato is pretty much unbearable. But the plate separator fixes that. It helps stop mealtime meltdowns and makes eating together more of a pleasure and less of a battle. In fact, it makes plates so much friendlier that it could be the best money you ever spend!


Food tastes better when the whole family can enjoy it together. That’s why we created the Food Separator. We want you and your child to bond over breakfast, laugh over lunch, and dive into dinner (but not literally!) together. The Plate Separator helps this happen by reducing their food fears at next to no cost. At this price it's simply too good to miss!


You know that autistic kids often crave order, so it shouldn’t surprise you that their needs can also include the dinner plate. Some can’t bear to see the meat on their plate touching the vegetables, and if a salad leaf comes into contact with their fries then forget it! Who could eat them now?

All of us feel happier about eating a nicely presented meal, but sensory processing issues can amplify the "wrongness" of how some foods look when they appear together on the plate.

If you want to try and understand this, then imagine your entire bowl of chili was colored blue. Same food, same taste, same texture, but the chef added blue food coloring.

We can almost guarantee that you’d hate it, because even though you’d know it was fine, part of your brain would be screaming that blue foods are pretty much unheard of in nature, and it would warn you not to trust this blue stuff with a powerful subconscious siren.

Kids with autism experience warnings that feel just as intense to them, but for totally different reasons that we can’t always fathom. But that’s okay. We don’t always need to understand them, we just need to fix them. And that’s where the food separator comes in.


We know that you present their meals nicely, but we also know how your child feels when foods touch. The Food Separator helps their overstretched senses make better sense of the great food you put before them. Think of it as the finishing touch that ties the meal together so they can actually enjoy your cooking and all the benefits they get from it.


✔️ Keeps colors apart, so reduces sensory overload. Autistic kids sometimes can’t handle the sheer diversity of colors and shapes on a mixed plate. The Plate Separator makes that “cacophony” much more manageable.

✔️ Picky eaters fear mixing tastes, and this fixes that by giving visual confirmation that one food won’t be “contaminating” the one next to it with any unexpected flavors.

✔️ A visual reminder that everything is under control. Autistic kids often prefer sameness and routine, and seeing the Plate Separator at mealtimes reinforces the idea for them that nothing unpredictable will happen.

✔️ Using the Plate Separator means you can even put the same food in the same part of the plate every time, helping to reduce their anxiety levels even more.

✔️ What if Mom snuck a bit of broccoli under the beef? Kids will find it easier to deal with managing each divided sector in turn, and so feel more in control.