Gravity Lap Pad

Weight/ Color
3lbs(1.4kg) / Gray Color
5lbs(2.3kg) / Blue Color

The Gravity Lap Pad is a cute weighted lap pad that keeps kids calm, happy, and focused while seated. The comforting weight gives a profound sense of sensory satisfaction, balance, and protection.

Luxuriously cushy, yet cute- it’s the perfect way to help kids with sensory challenges, autism, or ADD/ADHD relax and focus in school, or while studying at home!

Calm Has Never Felt So Comfy...

The Gravity Lap Pad leaves you both feeling more tranquil.

You’ve always known that when you melt into someone’s hug it calms your nerves and dials your jangled thoughts and feelings down to a more manageable level. It’s a human thing. Being swaddled makes us all feel secure, but sometimes your child doesn't want your hugs, even when they need them, or it isn’t always convenient when they do (like when you’re busy concentrating on the road ahead). The Gravity Lap Pad calms and comforts them anywhere (well, maybe not in the bath, but you get the gist).

The Gravity Lap Pad isn’t just for emergencies though, it’s also great for giving your child the everyday advantage of that calming weight that keeps their senses and emotions at a simmer instead of a boil. 

When you’re driving and your little one is in the back of the car, a Gravity Lap Pad draped across their legs is kind of like a ‘portable cuddle’, giving them the quiet reassurance they need when the world beyond their window is full of fast-moving bustle and noise. 

When you’re visiting friends or relatives it can help to keep them centered when the conversation swells and tries to lift them on a wave of anxiety.

Top Benefits

✔️ Reduces Meltdowns -Prevention is better than cure! The Gravity Lap Pad helps your child keep a lid on stress and anxiety so they stay manageable.

✔️ Soothes and Calms -Steady pressure makes stressful moments much more manageable for your child.

✔️ Perfect Size and Weight -Heavy enough to give comfort, light enough to carry.

✔️ Boosts Focus And Mood -Makes homework time less of an uphill struggle because your child won’t feel so under siege from overwhelming sensations.

✔️ Portable -Easy to bundle and carry anywhere. Keeps your child calm and happy at home, at school, or when you're out and about.