Homeschooling Fidget Set

Is your child struggling to sit still? Are they having trouble focusing in school? 

Then this one's for you! 

The Homeschooling Fidget Set is a powerful combination to help your child boost focus for longer periods of time. This set includes:

1x Kick Band - A rubbery, elastic straps can be instantly stretched across the legs of any chair. Kicking and pulling with their feet gives a satisfying, non-disruptive way to get sensory stimulation, burn energy, relieve anxiety, and focus better in class!

1x Marble Fidget-  Give your kid endless ways to soothe fidgety fingers. Squeeze or slide the marble back and forth, bend it, fold it, squeeze the sleeve together, roll the marble, or shake it like a shaking bell. 

Keep your kids stay calm, focused, and regulated!