Infinity Fidget Cube 2.0

Fight the Fidgets with the awesome Infinity Fidget Cube!

Banish restlessness and give fidgeting hands a handy focus!


You can't stop fidgeting any more than you can stop a river, but both of them can be diverted. Get the sleek and sturdy Infinity Fidget Cube to do just that and you'll wish you'd bought one years ago. in fact, you'll wish you'd bought two, because once you try it you'll want your own! This addictive desk accessory is great for school, home and office as a focus booster when you need to brainstorm or just unwind. Help your child and help yourself!


✔️Portable fidget-fighter and focus-booster- small and discrete enough to fit in the pocket, play with it anywhere when anxiety strikes to quickly restore calm.

✔️Built to lastfrom safe, tough ABS plastic blocks and stainless steel links - smart-looking and sturdy enough to shrug off constant use for dependeble stress relief.

✔️Therapeutic calming toolthat's a fun way to improve dexterity for young hands and stress-relief for young minds. Great for winding down towards bedtime and calming down when things get overwhelming.


We designed the Infinity Fidget Cube to be habit-forming in the healthiest kind of way, with eight little inter-linked cubes that you fold out into different shapes, again and again. It's as compulsive as nail-biting but with none of the unpleasant effects, kids take to it quickly and soon reach for it whenever they need to quieten their overactive senses or distract themselves from creeping anxiety.

At this price you simply can't buy a more effective way to turn your child's hurtful habits into calmness and focus.


Have you ever chewed a pen to help you think during a test? Ever paced up and down or cracked your knuckles while you waited for an important call? Repetitive behaviors help all of us to stay calm and focus, and even if we want to stop, doing so doesn’t help us feel any better.

It’s the same for kids with sensory issues too. If you stop them from biting their nails, rocking back and forth, or shaking their legs they’d still feel anxious, but they will stop if you give them something different to focus on, especially if it’s this much fun!

When kids flip and fold the Infinity Fidget Cube it quickly calms their anxious fingers and holds their focus for ages. It’s a great little gadget that’s hard to put down, a pocket-sized fidget-fighter that turns stress and anxiety into calm and quiet.