Inflatable Water Park


Like a Beach Day But Without the Stress

Summer should mean splashing, swimming, sliding, and laughing, but is it always like that for your child? Do they love the beach but hate the sand? Do they love the pool but hate the noise?

If waterparks and beaches are too much for your child’s sensory issues then why not bring the fun home to you instead?

Both of our big, bright Outdoor Inflatable Pools are like your own private mini-waterpark. No tears, just smiles!

Top Benefits

✔️Super-convenient summer play - none of the hassle of travelling, changing clothes, dealing with other people, and unfamiliar sights and sounds. Just safe summer fun where you're in control.

✔️Big and colorful - both bright and bold inflatable designs come with a slide, climbing wall, splash pool, and squirt gun (just add hose) for hours of summer play.

✔️Encourages activity - even nervous youngsters will take to their big bouncy splash park like a duck does that go again? No, I forget. But it really gets them moving!

✔️Slide, climb, splash, squirt, repeat - whichever bouncy “waterpark” you choose, there’s so much to do! Body and mind are fully engaged so they're great for balance, confidence, and coordination.

✔️Inflates and deflates in minutes - folds away for easy storage and transportation—only weighs 35 pounds so you can easily take it over to share with friends and relatives.

Make a Splash With Your Kid’s Confidence This Summer

Glittering waters, warm sands, and the gaze of the hot sun. Glorious for most of us, but a lot to handle for some sensory kids. That’s why our Outdoor Inflatable Pools are such a hit. Kids can slide, climb, and splash around in the familiar surroundings of your backyard and take time out whenever they need to. These bold and bright inflatables are the perfect way to get them comfortable with a whole host of new sensations. They’ll love playing and exploring while their balance and confidence grow, and hey, the sun's out, so why not join them?

It’s a Stepping Stone to Bigger Things

For 3 to 8-year-olds there’s no better introduction to the delights of beaches, pools, and water parks than these inflatables. Get them used to the sights and sounds of summer now, and they’ll feel much more comfortable with other water-based experiences later. Meanwhile, your child will be filling those sunny hours the best way—soaking up a whole new world of sensory enjoyment, burning energy, and having as much summertime fun as the next kid. So what are you waiting for?