Lycra Sensory Swing

Kids with sensory processing issues often seek stimulation, soft pressure, or just a good-old-fashioned-snuggle. Whatever your child's needs, we designed the Lycra Swing to be their very own sensory-integration solution.

Note: You will receive a random color.


The Lycra Swing helps train your sensory child’s vestibular system--the one that tells them where their body is, if it’s moving, how fast and in which direction.

Not only is it fun, comforting and safe, this swing is sensory-friendly in all the right ways, offering a secure place to relax, recenter and find relief from sensory overwhelm.


✔️ Turns meltdowns into moments of calm - cuddling and swinging transform stress into rest, relaxation and re-centering

✔️ Endless positions- it's not just therapeutic, it’s tons of fun, too! Perfect for sitting, spinning, rocking or doing The Superman

✔️ Strengthening - using the Lycra Swing takes minor muscular effort, which builds strength over time

✔️ Improves spatial awareness- proprioceptive input helps make sense of the world and grow body confidence

✔️ Boosts focus - a great way to prepare them for study, meals, bedtime, or any potentially stressful situation


Kids with autism, SPD, and ADHD are usually closer than most of us to experiencing "fight or flight." But the Lycra Swing makes them feel safe and secure in their own private haven. It brings body and mind back to a balanced state, offers a comforting embrace and give them a safe outlet for excess energy.

The Lycra Swing has an intensely calming effect and help kids learn better body awareness. As they swing, rock or spin, they experience safe exploration and experimentation that builds better balance and coordination.


Sometimes, kids need to retreat from all the hustle, bustle and noise. Indoors or out, the Lycra Swing offers your child a safe, personal space to rest, swing, spin, or relax. It's a sturdy, durable item made just for them--built to withstand all the energy and momentum of a child!

Whether your child is overstimulated, understimulated or ten seconds away from a tantrum, the Lycra Swing soothes, comforts and supports. It provides endless fun, relieves excess energy and gives them a space to let off steam. They can use it as both a private retreat and an enjoyable toy, depending on their mood and their unique sensory needs.

Help your child instantly access calm, cool clarity with the versatile, sensory-friendly Lycra Swing.