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Magnetic Shoelaces


✅ SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE! Securing your laces with a simple click allows you to have your child slip his own shoes easy and fast just like the pros do

✅ REVOLUTIONARY! Magnetic closure gives you the power to revolutionize your child's footwear and never tie shoe laces again - Effortlessly

EXTREMELY EASY TO USE! Comes in different colors and very easy to install ensures you can help your child gain independence by not asking help tying his shoes all the time

✅ DOES THE TRICK! No need to bend over to tie your child's shoelaces again makes it so you can have your child jam his foot as far as he can, step on the back of shoe and flex the foot forward. The Magnetic Shoelace will snap open so you can wriggle the rest of the foot into the shoe, when the heels is in , it will shut on its own. - 100% foolproof

So, if you're a Special needs parent who really has troubles tying shoelaces without them coming undone after a bit of running and jumping, but can't find the right solution, "Magnetic Shoelaces" is the answer you've been looking for!