NeuroBrocc Chewable
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NeuroBrocc Chewable

NeuroBrocc is a dietary supplement specially formulated to support children with sensory challenges, Autism and ADHD. Our unique and powerful blend of quality ingredients taps into the power of sulforaphane, which has been clinically-shown to boost focus, enhance communication and improve mood!
✔️ Improved Communication: Parents who's kids took sulforphane in clinical studies reported more talking, eye contact, and an overall increase in social behaviors

✔️ Heightened Mood: Less frequent meltdowns and an ability to better manage stimulating environments

✔️ Sharper Focus: Reduction in inflammation and oxidative stress means more focus for your child and an improved ability to process and retain information.
NeuroBrocc contains:
- Brocolli Sprouts Extract
- Brocolli Sprouts (whole)
- Yellow Mustard Seed
- Apple Juice Powder (Natural Flavoring)
- Apple Juice Powder (Natural Flavoring)
- Natural Vanilla Flavor
- Erythritol (Natural Sweetener)
- Stevia
- Citric Acid

❌ Non GMO
❌ No sugar
❌ No gluten
❌ No artificial dyes


Great taste


Therapist Trusted

Why It Works

Activates The "Fever Effect"

In many children with autism & sensory challenges, a fever makes them "better," that is, more social, alert, even chatty.

NeuroBrocc and its active ingredient, sulforaphane, is one of the only supplements on the market that safely activates this "fever effect" without actually causing a fever.

Reduces Inflamation and oxidative stress

A neuroimaging study has shown that the brains of young men with autism spectrum disorder have low levels of translocator protein, a substance that appears to play a role in inflammation and metabolism.

NeuroBrocc's active ingredient sulforaphane has been shown to reduce inflammation, which can help reduce symptoms of autism.


Sulforaphane is one of the most studied natural compounds, due it all of it's amazing effects.

A particular study conducted on people with autism showed that 26% participants were much/very much improved at 7 weeks, 38% at 15 weeks, 64% at 22 weeks, and 64% at 30 weeks

Natural & Effective

On one hand, while prescription medications may help, they come with a long list of side effects. On the other hand, many "natural solutions" make big claims and simply don't work.

NeuroBrocc has seen an 85% success rate with parents, so if you don't see a night-and-day difference with your child, we'll issue you a complete refund.

2 capsules = 1/2lb of broccoli

"But can't just feed my child raw brocolli spouts?" is a question we'll often hear. And while it's a great idea, it'll be a challenge to get your child to consume a half pound every day.

That's why we made it easy! NeuroBrocc also includes supporting ingredients for maximum absorption of nutrients. So that you see the best results possible.