NeuroBrocc Chewables Small Bottle - 15pcs

It's your child's calm self in a supplement.

NeuroBrocc boosts your child's mood and focus, communication and calm. It's a chewable packed with a revolutionary plant compound that's proven to reduce your child’s challenges with sensory issues, autism, or ADHD.

What Makes NeuroBrocc So Amazingly Effective?

✔️ Sulforaphane! It’s a natural plant compound that’s been found to guard against oxidative stress, inflammation and DNA damage. It’s well studied by science (500 papers and counting...) it's abundant in sources like Broccoli Sprouts, and NeuroBrocc is crammed with it!

✔️ Its powerful properties give a huge boost to brain function, which helps your child overcome poor focus, communication, and mood.

✔️ Improves social skills, speech and behavior.

✔️ Safe and natural: NO fillers, gluten, milk, egg, wheat, peanuts, fillers, additives, preservatives, or GMOs.

Sulforaphane - Science is Catching Up With What Nature Already Knows

1. Research shows the "fever effect" can hugely help individuals with sensory challenges and autism.

Sulforaphane is the only supplement in the market that safely activates the "fever effect" without actually causing a fever. A fever usually makes you feel foggy, tired, and grumpy. But in many children with autism, a fever makes them "better," that is, more social, alert, even chatty. As one mother described it, her child's fevers provide a glimpse into what her child might be like without autism.

2. Almost 90% of children with Autism and Sensory Challenges experience sensory meltdowns and mood swings.

Sulforaphane crosses the Blood-Brain Barrier, so its potent properties can help reduce many of the symptoms that cause your child such distress. Ongoing research shows huge promise for Sulforaphane to boost mood and mental health, and not just for them, but for everyone.

3. NeuroBrocc helps your child’s body generate its own antioxidants, shielding them from DNA and cell damage.

If your child’s sensory issues extend to food, you’re not alone. Picky eating can lead to poor nutrition, and this affects their long-term health because they won’t be getting enough antioxidants to fight damaging free radical compounds. NeuroBrocc is the missing piece in this jigsaw.

Top Benefits

✔️ BRAIN HEALTH -Passes the blood-brain barrier, allowing neuron cells to benefit from the antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and toxicity-reducing effects that Sulforaphane offers.

✔️ 100% NATURAL -No dairy, gluten, sugar, wheat, fillers, or GMO. Ever!

✔️ DETOX -Sulforaphane prompts the release of the protein NRF2, which activates over 200 genes that actually cause cells to produce their own antioxidants. NeuroBrocc helps your child’s body to help itself!

✔️ REDUCE INFLAMMATION -Sulforaphane massively reduces oxidative stress, inflammation and toxicity, for a system-wide boost to your child’s health. 

We Pack A Lot Into Each Chewable

Whole Broccoli Sprouts

Broccoli sprouts are amazing. They’re much more potent than fully grown broccoli because they are loaded with glucoraphanin, shown to help lower oxidative stress and improve brain function. Powdered whole broccoli sprouts take longer to digest too, so your child feels their benefits all day long.

Broccoli Sprout Extract

Seeds are sprouted until the cell wall cracks (typically 4-7 days). They are then freeze-dried to preserve the greatest nutrient density. How dense? A single chewable delivers the nutritional punch of almost a full cup of broccoli sprouts. And it’s also quickly absorbed, so your child benefits faster.

Yellow Mustard Seed Extract

Mustard seed carries a powerful digestive enzyme called myrosinase. This improves gut health, and helps the body break down nutrients more easily. Broccoli sprouts and mustard seed work together to create a sulforaphane production system that helps to balance the body throughout the day.

Black Pepper Extract

Black pepper contains Bioperene. This improves absorption and helps the body actually process and use all of the powerful ingredients in NeuroBrocc. It has also been shown to enhance cognitive functions and provide anti-depressant effects.