Octopus Plushies

Get your hands on this eight-legged stuffy! Our Octopus Plushie is like a Beanie Baby with bonus features. These stuffed animals do more than comfort - they help children connect with themselves, communicate with others, and build loads of confidence.

Note: When it comes to the color of the octopus, you will get a random color. Tell us what color you got!

Practical Plushie, Extraordinary Benefits

Teddy bears got nothing on this stuffed sea creature! The Octopus Plushie is a calming aid, a sensory tool, and a focus enhancer, all stuffed (literally) into a nice little package. Children can use these toys to self-regulate, calm nerves, and interact with peers and family

This plushie is small and easy to transport to school, grandpa and grandma’s house, or vacation destinations. It is made with soft fabric and reversible features, giving your child two toys in one.

Top Benefits

✔️ Allows children to communicate their feelings through nonverbal actions. The reversible features come with a “happy” side and an “angry” side.

✔️ Improves confidence by enhancing imagination and giving children an outlet to practice social skills.

✔️ Works simply and consistently – it won’t break, crack, or run out of batteries (since it doesn’t use batteries in the first place!).

✔️ Creates a sense of comfort and calm, improving concentration and focus.

✔️ Promotes sensory regulation with fabric that is soft to the touch.

Communicate Feelings Without Saying a Word

The Octopus Plushie gives your child the power to communicate nonverbally. It comes with a reversible “happy” side and an “angry” side, allowing your kiddo to express how they’re feeling with the flip of the fabric.

This not only improves communication skills in children who struggle with self-expression, but it validates emotions by showing kiddos that their feelings matter. Kids can even use the plushie to ask for alone time or space to process the stimuli around them. 

Hone Social Skills and Enhance Imagination

Stuffed animals act as a portal to the imagination. Whether a stuffed dog is rescuing a doll from the sofa monster or a stuffed cat is sitting down for a tea party, these toys come with endless limits. The Octopus Plushie, because it’s designed with special needs in mind, makes the perfect sensory sidekick.

Children can use their plushie to play pretend, play with others, and practice their social skills in various situations. All this works together to improve a child’s self-confidence, helping them recognize how awesome they truly are.