Octopus Pop Spinner

You can get your hands on the hottest fidget spinner around! It's a three-in-one spinner, popper, and pocket-sized Pal your child will fall in love with. Made with tiny hands in mind, it's adorable, addictive, and awesome at busting stress while focusing "the fidgets."


If you've seen one fidget toy, you've seen them all, right? Wrong! Not all fidget toys are created equal. When creating solutions for sensory kids, we consider many different things: how to hone fidgets, how to manage meltdowns, and what makes a toy a stand out from the crowd. Whether your child is experiencing stress, boredom, or overwhelm, the right toy can make all the difference.

That's why we made the Octopus Pop Spinner. It's a three-in-one design that incorporates a spinner, a soft bubble-popper, and an adorable octopus friend with three fun facial expressions. It's safe, durable, vibrant, and addictive--in the best way possible!


✔️ Hones the fidgets - satisfying POPping bubbles go in
and out on each side
✔️ Helps relieve anxiety and release excess energy
✔️ Endlessly entertaining - hours of spinning, whirling,
popping fun
✔️ Cute character - an adorable face kids can connect to


If your child has sensory challenges, they might become quickly overwhelmed. Or, they might find themselves struggling with stress and fighting the fidgets. Whether they're frustrated, bored, or finding it "all too much," one look at this little octopus's friendly face melts anxiety and invites smiles.

Your child can spin away the blues, POP to their heart's content, and experience the changing faces of their new buddy. The octopus's shifting "moods" remind them it's OK to have feelings, and there's always a friend close by.


Whether it's new places, strange faces, or just the pace of everyday life, your child is trying their best to navigate an unpredictable world. That's why it's good to have a friend like the Octopus Pop Spinner.

This magical sensory solution lets your child busy their fingers, engage their mind, and entertain their eyes. Instead of looking at a screen, it's a real object they can touch, connect with, and take care of.