Pop Stress Ball

You can take home the most impressive "odd ball" you've ever seen!

The Pop Stress Ball provides stress relief, helps improve focus, and boosts mood like nobody's business. It helps anxious kids (and adults!) silence outside noise and stressors by focusing on the weird and wonderful object in their hands!


It's easy to assume fidgeting is bad. But sometimes, fidgeting just needs a focus! If your sensory child is restless, stressed, or bored, they might be prone to fidgeting--especially with their fingers. This can result in less than ideal behaviors like picking at threads on their clothing, tapping their pencil, or drumming their fingers.

The Pop Stress Ball gives kids an outlet so they can actually focus on something fun and enjoyable! Instead of just distracting themselves, kids can hone their focus and experience real relief.


✔️ Improves focus and concentration - make the most of the figdets
✔️ Safe and soothing- made from durable non-toxic silicone
✔️ Compact carry - take it on-the-go for instant relief
✔️ Addictive and mesmerizing - kids can't get enough pushing and popping!
✔️ Busts stress - relieve anxiety and vent pressure the entertaining way


You can't stop your child from fidgeting. But you can give them a way to make their fidgets productive and beneficial. The Pop Stress Ball turns anxious moments into opportunities for fun, focus, and mood management. Sensory kids love the bright colors, squishy-soft material, and bumpy bubble texture.

Plus, there's no better feeling than watching them go from distressed to impressed, all because of an oddly awesome little ball!


There's a better way to fidget! That's good news for you AND your child. Just toss the Pop Stress Ball in your tote, bag, or glove compartment and enjoy instant peace of mind. Keep it close, because it comes in most handy when you lease expect it! It can also help your child avoid more destructive anxious behavior like picking, poking, and fussing.

The best part? Today, you can enjoy all these benefits at a BIG discount. Have a ball!