Rainbow 3D Fidget Ball (Exclusive For Canada)

This fun little fidget toy doesn't take a lot of explaining and is a child-favorite!

Everyone who picks this up has a hard time putting it down whether they're using as a fidget toy to help with anxiety or as a puzzle to boost focus.



Introducing the Rainbow Fidget Ball – a sensory toy that's like a magnet for fidgeting hands. It feeds the needs of sensory seekers and for sensory avoiders it's a calming point of focus.

Be careful though, because this colourful puzzle is a magnet for parents' fingers too!


It's a toy but it's also something more. If your child is hypersensitive to sensory input, you’ll be well aware that they're more easily overwhelmed by sound, light, textures, and so on. When there's too much for them to process it’s no surprise when they melt down or lash out.

For them, the Rainbow Fidget Ball unites their hands, eyes, ears, and brains to help them regain control when it's slipping away. Every child is different but we’ve found that it’s great for helping them to regulate their sensory input, making them feel more comfortable, secure, and calm.

Hyposensitive kids are the opposite, they’re sensory seekers who can’t get enough input so they’re always looking for more. In their hands the Rainbow Fidget Ball gives their brains as much input as they want, but in a way that’s much more beneficial than bouncing off the walls.


Looks can be deceiving. This cool little ball has 12 color-ringed holes with 11 matching colorful balls inside. Push the green ball from the green ringed hole (for example) and it pops out of place. Then you can pop it into another one. The idea is to mix them all up so balls and rings don't match (easy) and then push, pop, and fidget them back to their rightful places (hard!)

It's easier than a Rubik's cube and even more compelling for kids, because it's so much more fun to interact with. It’s great even if they don’t solve it because the springiness makes the balls feel so good to push. It's so satisfying for hands and fingers to snap them into place that they don't want to stop and other feelings melt away.

The Rainbow Fidget Ball is a channel for anxious feelings and strained senses and it's always ready to chase them away.


Dexterity trainer - 3D puzzle helps to train your child’s hand/eye coordination and improves their manual dexterity too, which sensory kids often struggle with.

Focus booster
- try it yourself, you can’t not focus on it! It’s a great way to keep the world at bay as you tune in and zone out with your handy little ball of calm.

Brain booster - it’s another tool for the mind gym! Encourages the development of problem-solving skills and exercises the memory.

Fun and addictive - kids won't want to stop making the balls 'pop' until the colors match once more. Keeps young minds and hands busy for ages.

The perfect size
- convenient and portable. Just a couple of inches in diameter so it fits kids' hands and pockets. Small enough to help anywhere.

Built to last - sturdy, high-quality construction can stand any number of drops. No need to worry whether it's up to the job. It is!