Rainbow Bath Bomb

Win the battle of bath time with Rainbow Bath Bombs. They offer a fun, sensory-satisfying experience that enhances both happiness and hygiene.  Save money and energy!

Calm, Happy, Inviting Baths

Tub time doesn’t need to be turbulent! Rainbow Bath Bombs meet the needs of children with sensory processing disorders by offering a calm, fun, and welcoming experience. With bold colors, these bombs turn water into wonder!

But bath bombs don’t just get by on their looks! The added texture makes the water heavier, adding pressure that embraces the body and helps the child feel less stress, more regulated, and more willing to bathe in the future!

A Simple Solution to a Common Problem

The battle of the bath is common for all parents but especially those whose children have sensory processing disorders. Rainbow Bath Bombs offer a simple solution to this challenge, thrilling kids with fizzing bubbles, essential oils that tickle the senses, and bath water that goes from drab to fab!

They’re fast, easy to use, and transportable - take them with you on your vacation, to grandpa and grandma’s house, or wherever you go. Empower your children by letting them drop the bombs into the water themselves. Because a little splash can go a long way!

Safe for Your Child…...and Your Tub

Rainbow Bath Bombs are made of all-natural, organic, non-allergenic, and paraben-free ingredients. They leave the skin feeling soft, rejuvenated, and moisturized. This enhances comfort while decreasing the likelihood of rashes or dry skin patches.

They’re easy on your tub as well. Because they don’t contain any artificial ingredients, they won’t stain the bottom or leave a ring around the sides. The rainbow result is no mess…. just success!

Top Benefits

✔️ Offers a unique experience that makes bath time relaxing, fun, and welcoming, giving your child a chance to practice good hygiene without over-stimulating the nervous system.

✔️ Indulges the senses through bubbling and fizzing effects, vibrant and varied colors, and natural essential oils that soothe and satisfy. 

✔️ Moisturizes the skin, removing or reducing the need for lotions or ointments and leaving elbows and knees soft, soothed, and comfortable.

✔️ Works quickly and efficiently, dissolving as soon as it’s dropped into the water without the need to sit and wait for something to happen. 

✔️ Promotes safety through non-allergenic, cruelty-free, organic, and natural ingredients that won’t irritate the skin, stain the tub, or ruin your towels