Sensory Chewy Necklace

Safer, Calmer, Happier Chewing

Some children feel magnetically drawn to chewing on things they shouldn’t for all sorts of reasons. Maybe they crave the stimulation, or maybe it’s just that it’s the one thing that gives them relief from creeping stress and anxiety. ADHD, sensory processing disorder, and autism can all drive the strong urge to keep their young jaws moving overtime, but whatever it is that makes your child chew, all you want to know as a parent is that they can scratch their sensory itch on something that won’t damage their teeth or choke them.

That’s why we designed the Sensory Chewie Necklace. It’s made from 100% food-grade silicon, it’s as colorful and funky as a monkey slapping bass guitar, and it’s super satisfying to chew...and chew… and chew!


  • Boosts focus and calm - great for better mood and concentration
  • Cool and colorful character - kids love their friendly chew guy
  • Go anywhere necklace design - keeps it out of pockets so more hygienic
  • ​Totally discreet - hides under clothes so less embarrassment
  • Safe and soothing chew - for all the benefits of safe sensory feedback

 A little bit of calmness they can wear anywhere

Your child knows that working their lips, gums, tongue, and jaw muscles is the key to relief from sensory overload, so invest in the best – the tried and tested Sensory Chewie Necklace. 

Giving proven therapeutic value for biters, chewers, and stimmers alike, it’s the totally safe way to restore calm and focus, always available and ready to help your child cope with new situations and new environments. 

When sensory issues strike your child needs relief, and the Sensory Chewie Necklace guy is always ready and waiting with a smile.

A Necklace Made of Happy (For Not Much Money!)

Why not give yourself some peace of mind and give your little chewer the safe alternative to household objects you can both trust? No more worrying about what they’re sticking in their mouth. Shirts can stay unbitten. Pencils, pens, and erasers can all sleep safely in their pencil cases from now on, safe in the knowledge that your child’s sensory issues have exactly the right tool for the job.
And now, how about something even nicer to chew on – a big, big discount?