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Sensory Compression Blanket

"She’s slept through the night EVERY night since having this sheet (no meds, no melatonin). I wish I had ordered this 2 years ago!!!! " - Jenn H.

NEW: The #1 Tool To Help Your Sensory Child Fall Asleep And Stay Asleep Every Night...

Revolutionize Your Child's Bedtime Routine!

Does your child’s bedtime routine feel like a battle every night that leaves you stressed, exhausted and sleepless?

Then This One's For YOU!
  • Deep, calming pressure without the extra weight or heat
  • Melts away anxiety and provides a comfy "night-long hug"
  • Deeper, more restful sleep every night for more energy and a better mood the next day
  • Stays on the bed, even when tossing and turning
  • Portable & washing machine friendly
  • Recommended by top occupational therapists