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Sensory Compression Blanket

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Why Do I Need This?

Poor sleep can be detrimental to your child's mood and behavior! If getting your kid to bed is a struggle and takes hours every night, chances are you need deep pressure therapy in your child's bedtime routine.

Our Sensory Compression Blanket is one of the most effective tools to calm your sensory child, relieve anxiety, and transform your bedtime routine from hours, to just minutes.

In fact, one of the most wonderful things about this blanket is that it's perfect for BOTH sensory seekers and sensory avoiders. It allows energetic seekers to get deep pressure right before bed, while gentle hugs sensory avoiders. It's also perfect for the hotter summer months when a weighted blanket can get hot and uncomfortable.

Parents who have started using a compression blanket at home have noticed a huge boost in focus, relief from sensory meltdowns, easy bedtime routines, and much more!

If you're tired of your child going through meltdowns right before bed, or constantly waking up throughout the night, you'll be amazed at the improvement after just one night using a compression blanket. You also won't have to spend half your paycheck on frequent occupational therapy sessions or overpriced sensory equipment. 

Sizing Instructions:

• Toddler Compression Blanket = 2'3" x 4'3" (69 cm x 132 cm)
• Twin/Single Bed Compression Blanket = 3'2" x 4'8" (98 x 147 cm)
• Full/Double Bed Compression Blanket =4'5" x 4'8"(136 x 147 cm)
• Queen Bed Compression Blanket = 5'2" x 4'8"(160 x 147 cm)
• King Single Bed Compression Blanket = 3'5" x 6'7"(106 cm x 203 cm)
• KingBed Compression Blanket = 6'3" x 6'7"(193 cm x 203 cm)

    Why Sensory Compression Blanket?

    This Sensory Compression Blanket is perfect for both sensory seekers and avoiders. It instantly melts away the anxiety and helps your child wind down before bedtime, for quick and consistent sleep throughout the night. The deep pressure increases melatonin (the natural sleepy hormone) and reduces cortisol (the natural stress hormone) to create the perfect bedtime conditions.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Question: Can adults use and benefit from this too?

    Answer:Absolutely! Many adults have found that the compression blanket helps them get to sleep more quickly and enjoy a better night's rest. We have a variety of sizes to fit twin, full, and queen size beds.  

    Question: What is the compression blanket made from?

    Answer: Our Compression blanket is made of a breathable combination of 20% spandex and 80% polyester for a velvety smooth feel that hugs you all night and gives you a cool, comfortable sleep experience

    Question: Can this be used on a King Sized bed? How about a toddler bed?

    Answer: Currently, we offer sizes ranging from Twin to Queen. We'll have more sizes coming soon. Get on our mailing list to get the latest updates.For all other beds, see the sizing chart below.

    • Toddler Compression Blanket = 2'3" x 4'3" (69 cm x 132 cm)
    • Twin/Single Bed Compression Blanket = 3'2" x 4'8" (98 x 147 cm)
    • Full/Double Bed Compression Blanket =4'5" x 4'8"(136 x 147 cm)
    • Queen Bed Compression Blanket = 5'2" x 4'8"(160 x 147 cm)
    • King Single Bed Compression Blanket = 3'5" x 6'7"(106 cm x 203 cm)
    • King Bed Compression Blanket = 6'3" x 6'7"(193 cm x 203 cm)

    Question: Does this help kids who aren't on the spectrum but have trouble sleeping all night in their own bed?

    Answer: Yes!! Our compression blanket can be used for any child or adult. The gentle pressure provides deep stimulation. This deep sensory input may decrease nervousness and helps you settle down to sleep more quickly. 

    Question: Do you have any other colors?

    Answer:Currently we carry a versatile blue and magenta.

    Question: Do I put this under the bedsheets or on top? 

    Answer: We recommend setting your compression blanket up under the sheets. This allows you to control the temperature and keep things cool at night. Extra blankets also increase compression if needed.

    What others say about our Sensory Compression Blanket

    "Mine loves both. Sometimes he uses both. However I have noticed since purchasing this he doesn’t go under his covers, doesn’t sleep with a pillow on top of him and doesn’t use his weighted blanket. This is definitely worth purchasing." - Tiffany Leone-Vespa

    "Wow 52 years old and love this blanket I sleep in a very small room on a single bed I don't roll of bed plus I get a good sleep I've used it for a week now thank you for making a blanket like this." - David Cox

    "I ordered one for my daughter who isn't a great sleeper and has never been. She now sleeps through most nights and finds it very comforting. Thank you from a mom with lack of sleep over 6+ years." Jennifer Hall


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