Sensory Flying Object


The Sensory Flying Object isn’t technically a UFO but we hope you’ll find it out of this world anyway! This soaring saucer helps children with sensory processing disorders find comfort, boost confidence, and organize input on their own terms.

Simple, durable, versatile, and easily transported to grandpa and grandma’s house, the Sensory Flying Object brings the playground to you (just add trees!). Come out swinging by helping your child increase body awareness, coordination, and balance. Now your kiddo can sway their way!


Get Into the Swing of Things

The Sensory Flying Object puts the fun in function. It allows your child to go back and forth between learning and laughter. Give them their own space to read, imagine, nest, play, and absorb the world around them.


The Sensory Flying Object is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to help children with sensory challenges find relief, satisfaction, and excitement. The gentle sway and rhythmic motion neutralizes discomfort and prevents meltdowns. It gives kids a chance to explore their senses while, quite literally, enjoying the ride. Use it at home or pack it up and effortlessly take it with you wherever you go. It’s always the perfect time for a swing shift!


It’s difficult for children with sensory disorders to filter out all the information they’re inundated with each day. The large amount of intel impacts their wellbeing, causing stress, heightened reactions, overwhelm, and fear. It also makes the nervous system even more nervous! Swinging
side-to-side or to-and-fro helps quiet the fight or flight response, encouraging a sense of calm and serenity. This not only allows the child to feel comforted but it provides them with a sense of control while increasing their confidence and helping them recognize emotions. The soothing sway reassures them that stimuli doesn’t have to feel so stimulating!


✔️ Organized Sensory Input: Regulates the nervous system by organizing stimuli and soothing physiological reactions.

✔️ Increased Coordination and Balance: Calms the vestibular system, restoring coordination and enhancing balance.

✔️Improved Body Awareness:Helps children focus on spatial awareness and physical sensations.

✔️ Higher Levels of Confidence: Provides children with control over their emotions, giving them more confidence with each use.

✔️ Peace of Mind for Mom and Dad: More happiness for your child means less worrying for you!