Sticky Splat Egg
Sticky Splat Egg
Sticky Splat Egg
Sticky Splat Egg Sticky Splat Egg Sticky Splat Egg
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Sticky Splat Egg

You can help your child put the squeeze on stress, focus their
fidgets, and find a silly new reason to smile!

No matter what life serves up, you can count on the Sticky Splat Egg to help focus the fidgets and put stress in its place. The fun, funky design helps kids take silly, squishy comfort everywhere they go.

Whether you're at home or on-the-go, this squishy sensory toy is an effective remedy for sour moods and unwelcome stress. It's an eggcellent addition to any sensory toolkit!
✅ Instantly relieves stress
✅ Boosts mood
✅ Helps focus fidgety fingers
✅ Safe, clean, and durable
✅ Kids love how silly and ""icky"" this sticky egg is!


Sometimes, it feels like stressors are everywhere. Even though they don't always have the language to express it, kids can feel it, too. It might be a new routine, noisy crowds, hectic holidays, or sensory overwhelm. Whatever the cause, having sensory tools on hand is essential!

We created the Sticky Splat Egg to help kids relieve stress and have a blast at the same time! This squishy, squeezable "egg" is a great outlet for fidgety fingers and excess energy. Best of all, kids can't help but giggle and smile while spending time with their eggciting new friend.


Squeezing and squishing are great activities for melting stress, honing the fidgets, and releasing excess energy. And getting silly is one of the best ways to instantly boost mood!

With the Sticky Splat Egg, your child gets the best of both worlds: Their fingers get a stress-relieving workout and their outlook gets an instant makeover. Kids and adults can't help but laugh at how ridiculously fun and funny these eggs are to smush, smash, and squeeze.