EZ Tongue Scraper

See these benefits RIGHT AWAY: fresh breath, better bathroom behavior, and vastly improved dental hygiene. Empower your child to take control of their oral care and turn bathroom anxiety into fun, confidence-boosting hygiene habits.

A Valuable Tool At A Low Price

Helping your child love their oral hygiene routine is priceless. But this Tongue Scraper is practically free! It’s a little tool with big benefits for your child’s smile, happiness, and health. Sink your teeth into some savings today!

They'll Love Taking Care Of Their Teeth

It’s no secret that the bathroom can be one of the most unpopular rooms in the house. If your child dreads baths, showers, or brushing their teeth, they might have a lot of anxiety entering this room. But the right sensory products can help you transform an unpopular space into one that’s seen as fun and rewarding.

With items like the Tongue Scraper, your child can build confidence and perfect their oral hygiene routine while feeling excited that they have their own special tools. The design and shape are kid-friendly and fun to use. Most importantly, the Tongue Scraper improves the health of the whole mouth—supporting strong teeth and gums and fresh breath!

Safe, Fun, Effective Dental Hygiene

Most kids don’t love dental hygiene. But children with autism, ADHD, or SPD can be incredibly resistant to oral care. The average toothbrush or mouth scraper is too harsh, scratchy, or bulky. It might easily contribute to a tantrum or meltdown. But effective dental care is essential because the alternative is cavities, unhealthy gums, and insane dental bills.

Cue the Tongue Scraper. This helpful tool was designed to promote excellent dental hygiene in children with sensory challenges. It’s gentle, fits small hands, and effectively removes particles from the surface of your child’s tongue. This leads to a fresh, clean mouth and improved breath. What’s more, the Tongue Scraper encourages your child to enjoy taking care of their choppers and take pride in their hygiene routine.

Top Benefits

✔️ Shape and design make dental care fun! Your child can associate their oral routine with a chance to build a new skill and use a special tool made just for them.
✔️Gentle enough for sensitive mouths.
✔️Specially designed for kids with ADHD, autism, and SPD. This means the size is right, the shape is comfortable, and the materials are gentle.
✔️Removes bacteria that a brush leaves behind. It offers a complete clean and picks up where your toothbrush left off.
✔️Helps prevent cavities, gum disease, and other conditions to keep your child out of the dentist’s chair and free from mouth pain.
✔️Eliminates bad breath. A fresher mouth makes kids feel great!