Ultrasoft Brush

Take Toothbrushing from Frantic to Fun...

Dental hygiene is essential for everyone, but especially your child. Good toothbrushing habits and healthy teeth and gums set your child up for future dental success! But for many, polishing their chompers is a dreaded, tantrum-filled ordeal.

Not only do kids tend to have sensitive teeth and gums, children with developmental disorders like SPD, ADHD, autism, and motor skill issues might have a particularly dreadful time during their daily brush.


Most toothbrushes are not designed for sensitive mouths! The bristles can be abrasive, and the brushes are challenging to grasp. And we all know, if your child associates brushing with pain and misery, a super simple task just became a nightmare.

But Ultrasoft Brush is different. It’s specifically designed for your sensitive child. And it’s not only here to make brushing bearable - it’s here to turn brushing into big fun!


Ultrasoft Brush lives up to its name. Its innovative design was custom-crafted to support small, sensitive mouths. Not only is it gentle and safe, it delivers a high-quality clean, fights plaque, and supports healthy gums.

Your child will feel fresh and confident with this easy-to-grip, deep-clean-brushing-machine! It was created with independent brushing and kid-confidence in mind. You don’t need an abrasive, prickly brush to stand up to plaque and tooth decay - you just need an effective, state-of-the-art design.


It’s no secret that parents worry. If your sensitive child can’t make it through a brushing session, they’re at greater risk of serious dental issues. Expensive procedures, painful trips to the dentist, aching teeth… these are worries you don’t need to have.

With Ultrasoft Brush, your child can actually look forward to brushing as a fun exercise with a gentle, cute brush that’s all their own. Independent brushing leads to confidence, pain-free mouths, and big, bright smiles!


✔️ Easy to hold and maneuver

✔️Specially designed for sensitive mouths

✔️Fun and cute shape that’s just for kids

✔️Encourages independent brushing

✔️Keeps gums and teeth in tip-top shape