Splash Bomb Ball

You can bring the water fight of the future to your own back yard! No more plastic bits and stinging skin--the Splash Bomb Ball is made with sensory-friendly soft silicone and can be used over and over. Let the War of the Water Bombs begin!


Water balloon fights are so fun, it's hard to see room for improvement--but we did! There's nothing better than beating the heat with splashes of crisp, cool water and an energy-releasing game. But traditional balloons leave plastic bits everywhere and can sting when they slap sensitive skin.

That's why we designed the Splash Bomb Ball. It's made with super-soft silicone so it doesn't do any damage. Plus, these bombs are recyclable and reusable, so you can feel good about bringing them home. Summertime heat can bring everyone down, but the Splash Bomb Ball lifts their spirits and busts boredom with good, clean fun!


✔️ Made with soft silicone - safe for sensitive skin
✔️ Fast-filling, self-sealing design for foolproof fun!
✔️ Reusable & recyclable - good for the environment
✔️ Beat the heat with no lines, no crowds, and no mess
✔️ Great for the beach, pool, or bath


The heat can be unbearable, but staying indoors isn't exactly the summer they had in mind. The Splash Bomb Ball lets your kiddos keep cool and release excess energy at the same time. Plus, there's no mess, no tears, no kidding!

Kids and adults alike love water balloon fights--and with good reason! We designed the Splash Bomb Ball so EVERYONE can get in on the fun. The soft silicone bursts instantly on contact, so all they feel is a cool splash of water on their skin. It's the perfect way to enjoy summer and water games without lines, crowds, or clean-up.