Wooden Table, Chair Set W/ Storage Stool For Kids


Table Size: 23.5 ’’(L) X 19.5 ’’(W) X 19’’(H)
Storage Stool Size: 23’’(L) X 11’’(W) X 21’’(H)
Chair Size: 10’’(L) X 10’’(W) X 21.5’’(H)
Net Weight: 38 lbs
Table Weight Capacity: 110lbs
Storage Stool Weight Capacity: 110lbs
Chair Weight Capacity: 60lbs

Package includes:
- 1X Table
- 1X Storage Stool 
- 2X Chairs
- 1X User’s Manual

A Practical Desk Set with Tons of Potential

Our Kids Wood Table Chairs Set is the perfect addition to any playroom or bedroom. It brings organization, regulation, and
imagination to the table! Whether a child is finishing a report on zebras or illustrating a story about zombies, this desk invites them to pull up a seat and get to work.

This set is made with safety and ease in mind. It contains non-toxic, odorless materials and backrests for added comfort.

Top Benefits

✔️ Encourages organizational skills, ultimately enhancing focus, concentration, and academic performance.

✔️Decreases the frustration of not being able to find a glue stick or a pair of scissors, which helps cultivate regulation and a sense of calm. 

✔️ Promotes a comfortable place for a child to study, color, or create their very own masterpiece. 

✔️Offers a multifunctional surface that can be used for everything from homework to tea parties. 

✔️ Provides practice in responsibility, increasing confidence and self-esteem.

✔️ Reinforces practicality and safety with easy-to-clean, non-toxic, and comfortable materials.

Offers Peace and Quiet and Peace of Mind

The Kids Wood Table Chairs Set promotes peace and quiet by offering a spot where children can concentrate and focus. But it also offers peace of mind by giving kids a place to put their school work, their art supplies, and their toys.

This allows children to easily locate crayons, pens, or rulers, decreasing frustration and the risk of meltdowns. They can manage their emotions by better managing their things! It encourages organization, teaching kids an important life lesson: If you put your stuff
away, you’ll always know exactly where to find it.

Promotes Responsibility and Enhances Confidence

By having a desk set that’s theirs, children learn about responsibility and choice. They can decide where to put their desk, what to put inside it, and how to use it. They can opt to make it a place of work, a place of play, or a place to write their movie about the dragon who overcomes his fear of fire.

This empowers children and enhances confidence, ultimately improving the way they view themselves and increasing social, academic, and various life skills.