4 Pieces Writing Aid Grip

Our fun and functional Writing Aid Grip can be the newest tool in your SPD toolbox! This grip cultivates creativity, consistency, and clarity by teaching children how to properly position their fingers when writing. Give them a hand with ergonomics, watch their penmanship improve, and let their confidence soar. Each pack contains 4 pieces of Writing Aid Grip.

Clearer, Calmer, More Confident Writing

Get a grip on penmanship! This Writing Aid Grip helps children position their fingers correctly, giving them more control and confidence as they write stories about dinosaurs or wizards (or a dinosaur that is a wizard!).

Designed to be one-size-fits-all, it can help kiddos just learning their ABCs as well as more advanced authors honing their craft. It encourages children to practice proper ergonomics while improving the clarity and consistency of their handwriting.


Enhanced Motor Skills, More Writing Thrills

Sensory processing disorders can impact motorskills dramatically, especially in children who are hypersensitive to textures or surfaces. That’s why we designed something soft, inviting, and fun. Kids now have agility at their fingertips!

Made of high-grade silicone, this Writing Aid Grip decreases the risk of the skin irritation and blisters that can come with repetitive writing. It works for a variety of writing tools, including pens, pencils, markers, and crayons. Each pack comes with four grips.

Less Fatigue and Improved Stamina

This Writing Aid Grip reduces the fatigue, pain, and cramping that may happen when writing with incorrect mechanics. It not only allows kids to write for longer but it ups the odds that they’ll enjoy writing. And that encourages kids to practice over and over again. Ready, set, go……. write an essay!

When children use this grip consistently, writing correctly becomes second nature. The grip trains the mind and the hand, allowing the child to use the proper ergonomics each time they hold a pencil, a crayon, a pen, or the permanent marker they grabbed when you weren’t looking.

Top Benefits

✔️ Learn, practice, perfect: This grip promotes proper mechanics and ergonomics, which helps writing become natural. It encourages children to write more often, giving them a chance to hone their motor and academic skills.

✔️ Improve control and clarity: This grip gives children control over their penmanship, making it clearer and easier to read. Children experience increased confidence and satisfaction at the beauty of their words.

✔️ Feel the Fun: This grip is soft, comfortable, and colorful. It helps children with hypersensitivities to touch or texture write without frustration, stress, or anxiety.