Best Supplement For Meltdowns... NeuroBrocc Chewables

A dietary supplement specially formulated to support children with sensory challenges, Autism and ADHD. Our unique and powerful blend of quality ingredients is scientifically-proven to boost focus, enhance communication and improve mood!

The Best All-Natural Sensory Supplement - Now A Convenient Capsule

Created for kids with sensory challenges, ADHD, and autism, our NeuroBrocc supplement contains ingredients scientifically proven to improve mood, boost focus, and bust meltdowns. For all the kids not fond of chewables, you can pre-order our new NeuroBrocc CAPSULES, coming this November. Same sensory-supporting formula, all-new convenient capsule!

Let's Embrace Different

Whether you've got an energetic sensory seeker or an easily-overwhelmed sensory avoider, our sensory products are professionally developed to help your kids thrive!

Introducing... $2 Tuesdays

Build a treasure trove of sensory surprises for your child at a fraction of the cost! With $2 Tuesdays, you get high-quality sensory products worth $15-$30 that calm, ease, and delight your child... for just two dollars!

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