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Do you remember when you first learned about this whole Sensory Processing thing?

Everything suddenly clicked and made sense. It was like this thick fog of confusion had finally cleared.

For me, I finally understood why some of my students had such a hard time in my martial arts classes.

So I started digging deep into sensory, and after MONTHS of research... I just ended up feeling more confused and overwhelmed!

Sound familiar?

See, there's just too much information and tools out there and life's already so busy!

That's why I wanted to simplify things...

You don't need a TON of toys and equipment. You need the RIGHT ones.

You don't need MORE books and articles on sensory. You need the ones that are SPECIFIC to your child.

You don't need JUDGEMENT from others. You need UNDERSTANDING and SUPPORT.

I founded Sensory Scout to give special needs families the tools, support, and education they need to help their sensory children thrive.


Some companies just give you tools and products but don't actually give you the support and step by step instructions to use them.

Some force you to pay return shipping and crazy high restocking fees.

Some take DAYS to get back to your questions (if they even do get back to you).

Raising a sensory kiddo is enough of an adventure. You don't need any more stress from businesses that aren't dedicated to helping you or your child. 

We're here to help you along every step of the way as your sensory kiddo learns to overcome challenges, and excels in his own area of genius. 

Looking forward to serving you, and please reach out in our "Contact Us" section if you have any questions.

Ben Sadigursky
Sensory Scout