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Cozy Cocoon

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Cozy Cocoon

The Cozy Cocoon provides children with sensory processing disorder, ADD/ADHD, and autism a way to greatly improve their special awareness and sense of balance. This is achieved thanks to the cozy cocoon comfortably providing deep pressure stimulation across your child’s arms, shoulders, legs, and feet.

These videos will help you understand how the Cozy Cocoon works, how to set it up, and some fun activities you can try right from home.


In this first video, we'll talk about the benefits of the Cozy Cocoon and why your child might love it! 



In this video we'll go over how to set up your Cozy Cocoon in minutes so that you can start using it right away. 


Activity #1

This first activity is an easy way for your child to relax and unwind, whether reading a book, taking a break, or preparing for bedtime.


Activity #2

This second activity is called the "Cocoon Angels". This is an easy way to provide compression and tactile feedback.


Activity #3

The third activity is a bit more active and is called "Cocoon Jumping Jacks" The movement and jumping helps provide a wide range of input and helps "wake up" the body. This is great to try before activities that require mental focus such as homework or sitting at the dinner table. 


Activity #4

This next activity is called the "Popcorn Game". This one is a lot of fun and not only helps with movement and coordination, but also helps improve your child's focus and reaction time, since they are waiting to hear you say "Popcorn!" before they jump.



In this video we summarize the benefits of the Cozy Cocoon and encourage any questions you might have.