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Mesh Sensory Swing

Posted by Benzion Sadigursky on

Mesh Sensory Swing


This Mesh Sensory Swing is perfect for both sensory seeking and sensory avoiding kids. Just 5 minutes of spinning can calm an energetic sensory seeker for up to 4 hours!

These videos will help you understand how the Sensory Mesh Swing works, how to set it up, and some fun activities you can try right from home.



In this video, we'll talk about the benefits of the Mesh Sensory Swing and how it gives you the power of a full sensory playground in your own home, with just this 1 tool!


Activity #1

This first activity will talk about some of the tasks that you can engage your kiddo while they are in their mesh swing like a simple visual-motor type of activity. The best way to exercise this task is by lying in what we call the "Super Hero" position.


Activity #2

This second activity is called the "The Spinner" where the mesh swing is set up on a single point rotation phase. This gives you the best ways to provide pretty intense vestibular input to your child's body.


Activity #3

The third activity is what we called the "Firecracker Activity" where your child is lying in prone or on their tummy placing their feet against the wall or a hard surface. This can contribute to your child's body awareness since it provides an opportunity for proprioceptive feedback through your child's lower extremities or lower legs along with joint compressions.


Activity #4

The next activity is called "Hammock". It is on a two-point wide set up and with back and fort slow linear vestibular movement. This is great for your kiddo as a break at the end of a rough school day or at night time before bed when it's time to start calming your body.



In this video, we summarize the benefits of the Mesh Sensory Swing and encourage any questions you might have.