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How Kathy’s Preschooler Went from being a Distracted Student to an Active Learner

Posted by Vanessa De Vera on

How Kathy’s Preschooler Went from being a Distracted Student to an Active Learner

Meet Kathy Davis, a mom of a preschooler who shared with us her story of how NeuroBrocc has helped her child overcome challenges with inattention and distraction.


What a typical school day looks like

It was a Monday afternoon when Kathy got a call from her son’s preschool teacher.

She was told that her son was having difficulty paying attention in class and could not focus on anything for more than a few seconds. All he does is stand on tables and walk around the classroom.

Since this has been going on for a few days already, the teacher was concerned.

This eventually led to her son’s performance in school to decline. He also started to get in trouble for not following directions and his grades began to suffer.

Kathy was at a loss for what to do.


Finding solutions

She then decided to take action and figure out how she could help her son. She tried everything from buying him new school supplies, hiring a tutor, and talking to him but nothing worked.

This is until she found out about NeuroBrocc - a supplement that helps improve focus, concentration, and energy levels.

After doing some research, she decided to give it a try and she’s glad that she did!


How NeuroBrocc turned their lives upside down

 After just three weeks of consistently taking NeuroBrocc, Kathy was surprised that her child's school life literally went from a complete nightmare to a dream come true.

Her son’s teacher has told her of the remarkable changes she's seeing in him. Not only was he more focused, but he was also able to engage in discussions and interact more with the other kids in school.

Some parents also started noticing the changes and a lot of them were asking what Kathy did.

She just couldn't help but share about how NeuroBrocc has changed not only her son's life but also hers.

Moreover, she also started noticing it at home as they're now able to enjoy a movie night together with no distractions.

Thanks to Sensory Scout's NeuroBrocc, I am now a happier and more stress-free parent! Without it, I know I'd still be stuck with a distracted child who was struggling in school.We're now on our second bottle and I'm sure to keep stocking up on this amazing supplement!” says Kathy.