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How NeuroBrocc Transformed Maria's and Justin's Lives

Posted by Vanessa Caalim on

How NeuroBrocc Transformed Maria's and Justin's Lives

Allow us to introduce Maria Halbert. Maria is a remarkable mom who has never given up on finding a way to a better life for her son Justin.

She first noticed that he wasn’t developing like the other kids when he was just two years old, and over the next 13 years, she explored every avenue in her quest to reduce the impact of autism on Justin’s life. 

“I have been on a mission from day one", she says, and “mission” seems wholly appropriate because Maria has approached this like a military operation.

“My child is 15 now, and I’ve almost lost count of the number of practitioners we’ve taken him to see. Early on we explored treatment solutions with Defeat Autism Now (DAN) doctors. What they said seemed promising and we were flying high on hope, but that whole program rested on unproven theories about removing metals from the body and it’s since been discredited. It’s really disheartening when there’s a buzz around some new therapy like that. You build it up in your mind but then the rug gets pulled out from under you and you’re back to square one.” 


But Maria didn’t give up. In fact, this was just the start:

“You can’t ever let one defeat derail you. At the end of the day, it’s your child’s happiness that’s the ultimate goal, so you keep going. And it might sound a little cliche but every time it happens you learn something valuable because you learn what doesn’t work.”


Maria moved on to trying a gluten-free and casein-free eating plan:

“If you want to cut out gluten then you’re avoiding breads and cereals, and casein is found in milk products, and what kid doesn’t love pizza and milkshakes? I’ve heard some parents say it helps their autistic children with improved behavior, social skills, and learning, but it’s tricky because you feel like you’re always saying no.” 

“We’ve tried B12 injections and supplements galore but nothing has helped much. I’m in a few different support groups and it seems like some things work a little bit for some children, some of the time, but there’s been nothing that works well for everybody until now.” 

“It was getting toward the point where I was ready to give up. I think that if you can’t win then acceptance is the best way to spare your sanity. And I was ready to say to severe sensory processing disorder, ‘You win. I’m ready to accept defeat’.” 


But Sensory Scout's NeuroBrocc supplements proved to be the answer. 

“After six weeks we’re on our second bottle and the difference has been astonishing. It’s amazing how many times I’ve heard the word ‘transformation’ when friends and family talk about the change in Justin’s manner.”

“He still has meltdowns, but they’ve gone from daily to maybe a couple of times a week, and they seem so much milder now. They used to happen quite a lot with any transitions. Change caused him a lot of anxiety that just came bursting out, but he’s much less anxious now.” 


The all-natural ingredients in NeuroBrocc have helped with social situations too.

“We have a big family and the dinner table used to be overwhelming for him. If you think of all the people, the chatter, the foods with all their colors and smells and tastes, every one of his senses was redlining from too much input. But since we started NeuroBrocc he can handle it, and not just handle it, he enjoys everyone’s company!”


Self-care is also heading in the right direction.

“He dresses himself now, personal hygiene is better and he even put up with getting his teeth cleaned at the dentist. We always had to step out during church services before, but not now.” 


Maria is now a believer and she's spreading the word:

“Like I said, people have noticed, and you can bet that I tell them about NeuroBrocc because it’s been the answer to our prayers. I tell the parents I know to keep up the clean eating and therapies but to add in the NeuroBrocc supplements. I feel like they’ve unlocked the loving son that I always knew was in there. Now my mission is to tell other parents that there is hope for them too. That NeuroBrocc really can help their children to live happier lives.”