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Making Your Child’s Bedroom SPD Friendly

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Making Your Child’s Bedroom SPD Friendly

Building a sensory space for your child can be super fun and enjoyable. The idea behind a sensory space is that your child has a zone of their own to rest, relax, play, and thrive. The rest of the world is rarely sensory-friendly, but that doesn’t mean your child’s room can’t offer sweet relief from the buzz and bustle of everyday life.
You might have a designated play area in your house with sensory toys or tools for your child, but optimizing their bedroom to be sensory-friendly is also essential. Best of all, your child will probably love helping you reimagine and redesign their room to include SPD-friendly features that help improve their everyday lives.


SPD Friendly Upgrades for Your Child’s Room


Bedding is essential for kids with SPD because sleep issues can be a huge concern. Usually, kids with sleep disturbances can’t express the cause because they don’t actually know what’s disturbing their sleep. It might be nightmares or hyperactivity, or too much sugar. On the other hand, it could be general anxiety, a pesky hall light, or itchy sheets.
Compression blankets have proven incredibly effective for helping kids with SPD. These items are comforting, calming, and soothing. They help put your child in the right state of mind to enjoy healthy, high-quality sleep. Along with your trusty compression blanket, check that your child’s bedding is soft, seamless, warm enough in winter, and breathable enough in summer. You can also add a small weighted blanket to your child’s room in case they want to switch things up.  


The Pod Sensory Swing is one of the most beloved tools available for sensory kids. That’s probably because it’s so versatile, enjoyable, and beneficial. Kids love sensory swings because they provide a safe, cozy cocoon where they can wind down, relax, and reflect. And parents love swings because they keep children occupied, calm, and focused. Having a swing in your child’s room where they can access it anytime is a highly effective way to help them regulate emotions, boost mood, and improve focus.
Safe in their swing, kids can read their favorite book, listen to soothing songs on their Earbuddies, or just rest and reflect on their day. Best of all, an in-room swing represents a special safe space that’s all theirs.    


Giving some thought to your child’s bedroom lighting is a great idea. Kids with SPD often struggle with nightmares, fear of the dark, and other unpleasant nighttime events. A thoughtful lighting display like our 3-Piece Hexagon Lights can help kids find their way to the bathroom in the dark or offer soothing relief from bedtime anxiety.
Plus, they’re a beautiful addition to any wall! Your child will enjoy a safer, more soothing bedtime with an easy remote control to manage the light’s features.
No matter what movie you choose, the most important part is spending time with your child! They’ll remember you more than they remember the story, so dim the lights, butter the popcorn, and settle in for an unforgettable movie night, Dad-style!

Conclusion: Making Your Child’s Bedroom SPD Friendly

Once you get started on your child’s SPD-friendly room, you’ll probably come up with more and more ideas. Remember, you don’t have to make these upgrades all at once! Each alteration will help your child enjoy and appreciate their personal space a little more. And it will be all the more special because you worked on it together!  
Keep checking in with Sensory Scout for sensory news, products, and community support. Access sensory tools and toys, teletherapy sessions, and more through our Facebook Group. We hope you and your family have a blast creating sensory-friendly spaces throughout your home and reimagining your child’s room together!