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Sensory-Friendly Halloween Costumes

Posted by Vanessa De Vera on

Sensory-Friendly Halloween Costumes

Sensory kids love Halloween too! Whether your family is going for an over-the-top fright night or a leisurely evening of candy consumption, we’ve got the costume ideas you need to make it memorable. 

We all know how particular sensory kids can be. But that doesn’t mean they can’t fully embrace their inner T-Rex, Thor, or out-of-this-world E.T. this Halloween. All you need is a little preparation, keeping your child’s unique sensory needs in mind. 

Store-Bought and Sensory-Friendly

Just because your child has sensory struggles doesn’t mean you need a highly specialized costume. Plenty of suitable options are available at your local Halloween pop-up shop or even larger retail chains.

Stores like Target and Wal-Mart are selling more and more adaptive Halloween costumes these days. These store-bought costumes are made with soft materials, detachable elements, flat seams, and no tags! 

There are also cute pajama sets with different themes. While they might not be great for trick-or-treating, they’re perfect for a quiet Halloween spent at home!

DIY Costumes

Choosing a DIY Halloween costume doesn’t have to be a chore! There are plenty of quick, easy, comfortable outfits you can put together–no sewing required!

Here are a few DIY ideas:

  1. Make the most of a hoodie by gluing felt triangle spikes from the head to the back for a cool dinosaur look!
  2. OR glue material under the arms of a hoodie to create an instant bat.
  3. If your child doesn’t mind wearing comfy elastic-band wings, add them to any outfit to turn them into a woodland fairy. 
  4. Use a simple kitchen apron as a canvas to turn your child into a box of crayons, a cell phone, their favorite bag of chips, etc. 

Comfy T-Shirt Costumes

Never underestimate the power of the comfy t-shirt costume! Kids love them, and parents appreciate how no-nonsense and versatile they are. Unlike other costumes, t-shirt get plenty of day-to-day use, making them an excellent investment. 

A t-shirt costume could be a Halloween-themed shirt, like one with pumpkins or spider webs. Or, the t-shirt might create a specific character, like a police officer or a character from Toy Story. Either way, t-shirt costumes are the height of comfort, allowing kids to move freely and feel like themselves. 

The Cozy Onesie

Onesies are gaining in popularity, and it’s no wonder why! They’re an excellent option that promotes both ease and comfort. Onesies come in all types of themes and patterns. Some have hoods and are made to look like certain characters, like a fox or unicorn.

Other onesies are covered in fun designs like cupcakes, the solar system, or your little one’s favorite Mandalorian character. (Baby Yoda, anyone?) Picking a onesie with your child can be extra exciting because it’s not just a once-a-year outfit. There’s a good chance the onesie will quickly become their favorite around-the-house apparel!

Conclusion: Sensory-Friendly Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

However you choose to spend this Halloween, your friends at Sensory Scout are wishing you a spooky and safe holiday. Don’t forget to spice up your festivities with must-have sensory toys and accessories like our 2-Piece Glow In The Dark Pop Tubes.

Remember, you can always count on Sensory Scout for the latest sensory news, products, and plenty of community support. Access sensory tools and toys, teletherapy sessions, and more through our Facebook Group. We hope your Halloween is all treats and no tricks!